What would you like to see next on Online Poker Bankroll Builder?

I have some ideas of what I want to do next, but I was wondering what you are looking for. I will eventually get to all of these, but I’m not sure what to do first. So please take a minute to make a selection. Thanks for your help!

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TerryC March 9, 2009 at 10:13 pm

Eric .. I purchased your ebooks and found them to be very good on a topic there really is not much info on. I was doing well at them and purchased from winnings .. Picked up some good tips that wil help me even further build my bankroll. I also found your site well done and will be a regular visiter. YES SNG DON VIDEOS !!! I voted for them … will be great to seem them come to life. On Multitableing …. hope to see more info on best set up for playing including multiple monitor setups and how to use desktop space to maximum ease of use. Loved your point on Multi-table and not seeing bad beats LOL …. i hate single tabling and seeing a player call my trip on flop all in and he catches gut-shot on river.

Keep info on DONs coming .. you are one of the first to actually put some great info out on them



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