Online Poker-Money, Money, Money

January 4, 2009

If you read enough about poker you’ll see a common phrase: Don’t be results oriented. New players have a difficult time taking this advice as it’s so difficult to keep the right frame of mind when losing more of your online poker money, even when you’re playing your best. But downswings happen to everyone; your […]

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Practice Hand: Pocket Aces

January 3, 2009

Q: You are in a $5.20 DoN tournament with 6 players remaining and blinds at 150-300 and a 30 chip ante. You are in MP with 1400 chips. There are two other players with fewer chips than you: The SB with 1220 chips and the BB with 800 chips. You are dealt pocket aces. UTG […]

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Practice Hand: Late in the Tournament

December 30, 2008

Q: You are in a $5 DoN with 6 players remaining and blinds at 200/400. You are in the big blind with 1300 chips and are dealt pocket nines. Two players have fewer chips than you: the button has 560 chips and the small blind has 850 chips. UTG has 7800 chips and has raised […]

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Double or Nothing Sit & Go Strategy to Crush the Competition

December 26, 2008

The holiday season is nearing it’s end, but this last week of the year is always hectic for me. My birthday is in a few days and my sister’s birthday is a couple of days after that. Add to that my new brother-in-law’s birthday is the day between ours, and my sister is pregnant and […]

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Firing the Second Barrel, Double or Nothing Style

December 22, 2008

We’ve all been in the same situation. You sit and wait in a Double or Nothing SNG for a good starting hand, hoping for any type of love from the dealer. Finally, you get AKo and you get that little flutter in your stomach. “This is the hand,” you think. “I’m going to double up.” […]

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I Thought Badugi Would Be the Answer…

December 21, 2008

When I jumped back into poker with my short bankroll I had read that PokerStars would soon be spreading money badugi tables. I had never played badugi before, but I thought it would be the best opportunity to build my bankroll, since new poker variants are often a goldmine when first introduced on a site. […]

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New Article on

December 20, 2008

When you get a second be sure to check out a new article I wrote for And while you’re there take a look through the article archive. There is a ton of good advice and strategy that will help you with all facets of your game.

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Thinking About Your Hand Preflop

December 18, 2008

For most players in Double or Nothing SNGs, playing tighter preflop is their primary strategy to win the tournaments. As I’ve mentioned many times, this is a good first step, but it is not enough to have consistent success at these tournaments. Your overall strategy must take into account various factors in order to be […]

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Double or Nothing SNGs: About Volume

December 18, 2008

Do you remember the WSOP broadcast that showed Hevad Khan multitabling over 20 sit & gos? It seemed like such a ridiculous amount to play at one time, and I know that I thought I’d never be able to play that many. SNGs require too much concentration for me when it gets down to 3 […]

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On Playing Tight

December 16, 2008

When new players discover Double or Nothing Sit & Go tournaments, their natural reaction is “if I don’t play many hands I’ll win every time.” This thought process quickly changes when they see that most of the other players are thinking the same thing. And this is where new players make the wrong strategy adjustments […]

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