Hold Em Online: Finding the Time to Play Can Hurt Your Bankroll Building Efforts

It’s a little after midnight after what has been another busy day. With all there is to do during an average day it can be difficult finding the time to play poker. And if you’re trying to build your poker bankroll playing Hold Em cash games, the variance and rake taken by online poker sites is going to make your goal even tougher.

Though there are other games online that offer a better opportunity for your online poker money, there are still a lot of players who are going to want to spend their short poker time playing Hold Em. It’s understandable, because it’s the game most players know best. But if you’re stuck for time, you should really consider playing Double or Nothing Sit & Gos. The structure of these one table tournaments is perfect for the poker player trying to build their bankroll but is stuck trying to find the time to earn a good hourly rate playing Double or Nothing Sit and Go’s. It’s much easier to play multiple tournaments when playing DoN tournaments, and most are over in 45 minutes or less; perfect for the poker player with little time.

Even better, DoNs are often made up of terrible players who haven’t or don’t know how to change their strategy in order to be successful. Many players enter the tournaments with the frame of mind that the proper strategy is similar to cash games or regular Sit & Gos. For the players who properly adjust to the game, DoNs are the perfect bankroll builder.

If you’re short on time to play online poker consider DoNs. The ability to multitable and the short length of the tournaments makes it perfect for the low limit poker player trying to build their bankroll.

If you want to learn proper strategy, check out the Double or Nothing Strategy Guide.

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