Double or Nothing Strategy Guidebook

Frustrated by the grind of low limit poker? The rake charged by online poker sites makes it almost impossible to move up to higher stakes poker. Now you can...

Learn to play and win at double or nothing sit and go's.

Over 380 people have already downloaded my Double or Nothing Strategy Guide. 

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poker imageHave you recently discovered Double or Nothing Sit and Go tournaments? Or maybe you've been playing them for awhile with a mediocre amount of success?

Have you been looking for strategy tips for double or nothing sit and go's?

You've Come to the Right Place!

I started playing online poker in 2003. I got into it just as the poker boom was really starting to take off.

Back then it was easy money! There were millions of brand new and inexperienced players. Though I never played at the highest stakes, I enjoyed playing and winning at low and medium stakes.

Over the years I cashed out most of the money I made and found interest in other things outside of poker. I didn't even remember how much money I had left on PokerStars when I checked it out this past October. I had $80. Not bad, but certainly not enough to play comfortably at the stakes I was used to.

But, thinking that I'd just have a little fun, I took a shot with some of my bankroll at my usual stakes. It didn't go well. I was down to $59 in less than an hour. I closed up the computer and went to bed, thinking that I was done playing poker for a while.

I was wrong. I woke up the next morning wondering how I could build my bankroll again so I could comfortably play at the levels I enjoyed. 

That's when I discovered a brand new game format that I had never seen before - Double or Nothing Sit and Go's! I gave it a shot and was hooked. 

Less than three weeks later, playing intermittently, I took my $59 bankroll and worked it to almost $900!

Double or Nothing SNG Winnings - Almost $900 in 3 weeks!

This is a graph of my actual winnings from November

In these 10-person Sit & Go tournaments, half of the field wins double their money back, while the other half loses their buy in. And they are a perfect low-risk game IF YOU PLAY THEM WITH THE CORRECT STRATEGY.

I've searched the Internet looking for double or nothing sit and go strategy advice, but it's hard finding anything deeper than "play tighter." And that's why I wrote Double or Nothing Sit & Go Strategy to Crush the Competition.

"This book has been invaluable. The strategy is easy to follow, and I really liked the practice hands. I'll be moving up stakes very quickly!"--Stephanie Munson

Double or Nothing Sit & Go

Why You Need to Play Double or Nothing Sit & Go's

  • The format is still pretty new and players haven't adjusted. The unique double or nothing payout structure has a dramatic effect on the optimal strategy for Double or Nothing Sit & Go's. There is an opportunity for you to take advantage of the many mistakes that new players make.

  • Little information is available on the proper strategy for Double or Nothing Sit & Gos. Many players understand that if they play tighter they will have a better chance of winning. But those players are still making mistakes on starting hands and with post flop play. Playing tight is not enough to turn a profit!

  • The games are lower variance than most of the cash games, Sit & Go's and tournaments available online, meaning fewer and less drastic swings in your winnings.

  • The rake for most Double or Nothing Sit & Go tournaments is lower than comparable Sit & Gos and cash games.

  • The structure and nature of the game makes it easier to multitable, meaning you can play more games with a higher hourly rate. In addition, the tournaments often end quicker meaning you can play more tournaments and add to your hourly rate.

I haven't seen a poker structure this good since the early days of online poker. It's time for you to start playing now. Over 380 people have already purchased and instantly downloaded my double or nothing strategy guidebooks. Join them and start reaping the rewards now!

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I know what you're thinking...

"Okay, I'll just go play some Double or Nothing Sit & Go tournaments. If I don't play many hands I should do fine." You can jump into the games at any time, and you might even win a couple. But playing tighter preflop is not enough to consistently win these tournaments. The players who understand proper Double or Nothing strategy will be able to sustain their winnings and build their bankroll quickly. With The Online Poker Bankroll Builder, you will be able to dominate the competition.

In Double or Nothing Sit & Go Strategy to Crush the Competition (Volume 1) you'll learn:

  • When to play tight and when to play tighter
  • How to take advantage of the mistakes most players make
  • How to keep from making those same mistakes yourself
  • Why you've probably made some mistakes if you have a very large stack
  • When it's an absolute necessity to fold pocket aces preflop
  • How to adjust your play according to stack size
  • How and when to steal and resteal
  • How you can play more tables to maximize your winnings
  • Key concepts and strategies for successful play


  • The book includes practice hands to help reinforce key concepts and help you quickly make money.
Now, I used to sell the Double or Nothing Strategy Guide for $27. That's a pretty reasonable price when you consider that you can easily make back the investment with just a few sit and go wins.

However, I noticed that I was getting quite a few emails from happy customers who had additional questions. They read the strategy guide and saw immediate improvements in their play but still had questions. They sent me poker hands that they'd played asked me if they'd made the right play or not.

That's when I realized that my ebook needed more hand examples!

So, I spent a month developing a SECOND book of nothing but double or nothing sit and go hand examples - with detailed analysis!!!

Double or Nothing Sit & Go

I've recently written Double or Nothing Sit & Go Poker Hand Examples to Crush the Competition. In the hand examples ebook, you'll review over 25 pages of poker hand examples from real life double or nothing sit & go tournaments.

The hand examples presented in this second book provide detailed analysis of many common situations.

You'll review many critical situations that are fundamental to sucessful double or nothing sit & go poker.

You'll learn when to push all-in and when to fold. You'll learn how to evaluate each situation objectively and make the correct decision. You'll learn the proper strategy to win double or nothing sit & go poker tournaments.

If you purchase the Double or Nothing Strategy guide, you'll get the second book, Double or Nothing Sit and Go Hand Examples, as a FREE Bonus.

Now you're probably thinking: "How can I trust that Eric is a real person and that these books are as good as you say?"

These are good questions! For one, you can email me at ericjames@onlinepokerbankrollbuilder.com and I will respond. I am a real person!

Secondly, these two ebooks are distributed through Clickbank, which is similar to Paypal. Clickbank institutes a mandatory return policy, so if you are unhappy with the ebooks you can simply make a return and your money will be refunded. It's a 100% satisfaction moneyback guarantee! Honestly though, refund requests are very rare because over 95% of my customers are satisfied with their purchase.

Lastly, if you have questions about the content of the ebooks, you can email me and I'll do my best to answer them in a timely manner.

You can get the Double or Nothing Sit & Go Strategy Guide AND the Practice Hand Example Guide for only $53.99

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This is information you cannot get ANYWHERE else.

How many double or nothing sit and go tournaments do you think you'll need to win to make your money back on this investment?

Over 380 people have already purchased and instantly downloaded
my double or nothing strategy guidebooks. Join them and start reaping the rewards now.
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After you make your purchse, you will be redirected within seconds to a download page where you can download both ebooks. Both ebooks are sold in .pdf format

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Double or Nothing Sit & Gos be played on any online poker site?
No, not all sites offer this new structure. As of this writing, the games are offered on the following sites:

  • PokerStars
  • Pacific Poker
  • Mansion Poker
  • Cake Poker
  • Ladbrokes
  • Littlewoods Poker
  • Betfair Poker
  • Intertops Poker
  • Any site in the Ongame Poker Network

Q: Who is the book best suited for?
This book is great for new players as it will help them learn some of the important concepts they'll need to succeed in other forms of poker.

The book is also great for experienced players who are new to double or nothing sit and go tournaments and are not sure about what adjustments to make to their strategy in order to succeed at this new game.

Q: How much of a bankroll do I need to start?
A:Not much. I started with $59 and worked it up over $800 in three weeks. You could start with less than that and still be successful. Double or Nothing Tournaments start at as low as $1.

Q: What if I have any other questions?
You can send any questions to ericjames@onlinepokerbankrollbuilder.com.

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