Best Online Poker Bankroll Builders: Sit & Go

I believe the best opportunity for low limit players trying to build their bankroll is Sit & Go tournaments. If you learn proper strategy, the return on investment is enough that low limit players can beat the rake and move up to higher stakes poker quickly.

But while regular SnGs are good for bankroll building, many poker sites have recently started offering a structure that is especially favorable to low limit players. The new structure is Turbo Double or Nothing SnGs, and they offer many advantages to low limit players:

  • Lower rake
    The rake charged for Turbo DoNs is much lower than the rake taken at regular SnGs (starting at the $5 buyin level). The lower rake makes is much easier on a low limit player’s bankroll.
  • Weaker Opponents
    Since DoNs are new, most players have not yet made proper strategy adjustments to be successful at the game. Though they know that playing tighter increases their chances of success, your opponents will still overvalue moderate hands. If you know proper strategy, you will have a major advantage over most of your opponents, particularly at lower stakes.
  • Volume
    Since you’re playing far fewer hands then you would in a normal SnG or cash game, multitabling is much easier. Because you can play more tables your hourly rate is higher than with regular SnG tournaments.

DoNs are an easy, low variance game that low limit players should take advantage of when trying to build their bankroll. But it is imperative that you learn proper strategy before attempting to play multiple tables at once.

If you are interested in learning proper strategy, check out the book <a href=””>The Online Poker Bankroll Builder: Double or Nothing Sit & Go Strategy to Crush the Competition</a>.

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