Best Online Poker Bankroll Builders: Multitable Tournaments

Low limit poker players who love to play multitable tournaments online are often stuck with the disadvantage of playing huge fields of players. These fields usually leads to tournaments lasting 7 or 8 hours, and the need to build a large stack early if you want to have a chance at making one of the top prizes. though a win at one of these tournaments will certainly bolster your bankroll, you often have to get very lucky to take down one of these tournaments.

There are multitable tournaments, however, that you can play with limited fields that increase your chances of winning top prize. The 180-man tournaments are a great bankroll builder for low limit players because the size of the field is much smaller than your normal MTT. In addition, these tournaments are constantly running (and they fill up fast), so you can multitable these tournaments much more effectively and raise your hourly rate quite easily. Finally, because the number of players is capped, 180-man tournaments are finished much quicker than your standard MTT.

So if you love playing MTTs and you’re trying to build your bankroll, consider playing the 180-man tournaments. The capped amount of players plus the ability to multitable more effectively make it the best bet for your bankroll building dollars.

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