Best Online Poker Bankroll Builders: Limit Poker

I remember going to Atlantic City one time and jumping in a Omaha H/L, Stud H/L split game. During one of the Omaha hands a player next to me said, “You know, this game is going to be bigger than Hold Em in the next couple of years.”

I laughed a little and thought he was crazy. So far I’m right. It’s been more than a couple of years and Hold Em hasn’t relinquished its hold as the most popular poker variant. And even when I do go to AC, I rarely see it spread.

But, you can regularly find Limit Omaha H/L spread online, and you should definitely consider it for your online poker bankroll building efforts. The game is well suited for low limit players who will take the time to learn good Omaha strategy. Why is the game good for bankroll building?

  • Split pot poker has less variance than other forms of poker meaning fewer, and smaller, downswings.
  • Good Omaha players can earn a higher bb/100 rate than in other games, including Hold Em.
  • There are far more uneducated Omaha players compared to Hold Em players, meaning a better chance for a good player to take advantage of poor play.

Omaha isn’t the only good limit game for bankroll building. Another good bankroll builder is Stud H/L, for many of the same reasons that Omaha H/L is good for low limit players. Omaha is still better, however, because it is far more difficult to play multiple tables of Stud H/L.

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